IAA Cabinet - 01/22/2018


Cabinet Meeting

January 22, 2018, 8:00pm

Conference Call


I. Call to Order, Roll Call

II. Secretary's Reports/Remarks (Ordonez)

a) Approval of Minutes from November 4, 2017 (after making necessary corrections)

b) Approval of Minutes from November 27, 2017 (after making necessary corrections)

III. President's Report/Remarks (Cudiamat)

a) IMSA Trustees Meeting, January 17, 2018

i - Donation to IMSA "competition" between boards

ii - Board Policy on Equity and Excellence

At our November 4th meeting, Dr. Torres indicated a desire to advance this at IMSA, but wanted it to become an official policy that comes from the Board. A draft of this policy is attached for your reference, as it was discussed at the IMSA Board Meeting. No action is required on our part. A future version of this policy is expected to be approved at a future IMSA Board Meeting.

iii - "The Biology Pilot" (SI Bio / Advanced Biological Systems)

iv - Dr. Torres's Proposal for IMSA Financial Sustainability

b) Meetings with other IMSA/Fund staff

IV. Vice President's Reports/Remarks (Isoda)

V. Treasurer's Report/Remarks (Paige)

VI. Liason Report (Stieg)

VII. Old Business Not Already On Agenda

VIII. Appoint Chairperson of Election Committee (Isoda)

January 29 is the official deadline by which the Cabinet must appoint a chairperson. Within one month of appointment, the Cabinet must approve Election Committee composition. (Election bylaws 2.02, 2.03)

a) Vote to allow approval of Election Committee by IAA Cabinet by email vote during week of February 11, 2018

IX. IMSA Alumni Facebook Group

a) Group Administrators/Moderators

b) Community Guidelines

c) 3 "Challenge" Questions (we're allowed to ask members of people requesting to join)

d) Form committee to work on these and present ideas at February meeting

X. Reunion Weekend (July 21, 2018)

(We must move forward in some way, as Claire Wang '93 would like to move forward with plans. A united location and any plan would affect all milestone classes.)

a) Form committee to work with Claire in moving forward with plan and update status at February meeting

XI. New Bylaws and Organization Status

a) 501(c)3 and/or officially legally separate entity from IMSA/IMSA Fund

b) New Bylaws likely required

i - include quorum provision for cabinet

ii - include spending authority guidelines

iii - fix order of succession

c) Depending on timeliness required to implement any changes, it might be necessary to call a special meeting, which requires four weeks notice to all IAA Members

d) Form committee to modify or construct new bylaws and update cabinet at February meeting

XII. Announcements and New Business

XIII. Adjournment