Cabinet Meeting

November 4, 2017, 8:00am

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Aurora, Illinois


In attendance: Cathe Stieg (IMSA Alumni Relations), Stephen Paige (Treasurer), Carlo Ordoñez (Secretary), Leyonna Barba, Brian Cudiamat, Mark Czynski, Christina Fabian, Theresa Geiger, Karin Han, Matt Isoda, Aditya Karan, Jasmine Kwasa, Zouyan Lu, Allison Rodriguez, Sarah Song

1. Breakfast with Radeesha Jayewickreme, 01 Hall Senator for Student Council.

2. Meeting called to order at 8 AM

3. Introductions

4. President/VP discussion

a. Brian Cudiamat ’96 was confirmed to have won the vote for President in the July 2017 Alumni meeting.

b. Matt Isoda ’02 was voted on by the three other Cabinet officers to fill the position of Vice President.

5. Alumni Relations (Cathe)

a. Election Committee: Anybody who wants to be a part of the Election Committee should let Brian know. We will post this to Facebook to get people involved. An At Large member who is not running next year should be a part of this. Matt has volunteered to be a part of this committee.

b. There are plans to start up plans in areas with significant alumni populations: UIUC, Boston, Vanderbilt, St. Louis. Some questions and action items arose:

i. How many alumni need to be at event for funds?

ii. What types of groups can we put together? Young alumni groups vs. older? What constitutes “young alumni”?

iii. Some alumni may have already volunteered for this sort of activity.

iv. Can we get a list of “top 10” cities populated by our alumni?

v. It would be nice to get another Paulie G’s event for the Chicagoland area.

c. IAA Website: There are issues with getting access to the website. We need to figure out who to talk to about that. Otherwise, we will need a new site.

d. 2018 Alumni Weekend: Can this be done at the same time as ISSF, or in the last weekend of July as it has recently been done. This will be brought up with Dr. Torres.

6. IMSA Updates with Dr. Jose Torres

a. Institutional update: IMSA has a budget. It depends on the state for about 80% of it.

b. The past year has seen new facilities (IN2 and A-wing science labs).

c. A streamlined mission statement and believes have been reaffirmed by the board. In particular, the last bullet point for the believes had been added, influenced by Leon Lederman.

d. Look at the Report of the President to the Board to see an Impact and Outcomes Statement.

e. IMSA has a new Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Chang ’89.

i. Two new programs have been started: IMSA Grand Fellows and IMSA Ventures.

ii. Looking to coordinate with IAA, in particular to send out an alumni survey. This survey is not for fundraising purposes.

iii. A liaison (Brian) should be in communication with Robert.

f. IAA has asked that ISSF an Alumni Weekend will coincide. It will be considered.

7. Alumni Relations (Cathe, continued)

a. There will be 6 CCC forums this year, the last in Fall semester being 29 November 2017. Three of the CCC forums are during Spring 2018.

b. Cathe would like to schedule alumni podcasts to start in January. The initial target community for these would be IMSA.

c. A mentoring database to connect alumni to students is in the works to be set up.

d. IAA Website (continued): Kevin Colby has the domain as of right now. Jasmine is interested in helping. This is something that could maybe be budgeted by IMSA or perhaps come from the institution.

8. Secretary’s report (Carlo)

a. Mark moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Aditya.

b. The minutes were approved with 7 for, 0 against, 0 abstaining.

9. Treasurer’s Report (Stephen)

a. Goals of the Cabinet: details can be found in the presentation slides.

b. Budget

i. We receive $10,000 from the IMSA Fund.

ii. Reunion should be a cash-neutral operation.

iii. We should think about how we spend for regional events.

iv. We might want to consider a Career Fair again.

v. Matt moved to approve the budget as presented, seconded by Carlo.

vi. The budget was approved with 7 for, 0 against, 0 abstaining.

10. (Need to check for 4th page of notes…)

11. Adjournment for lunch at 12 PM