Annual Meeting - 07/20/2024


Annual Meeting

July 20, 2024, 12:30pm

IN2 - Steve and Jamie Chen Center for Imagination and Inquiry

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

1500 West Sullivan Road

Aurora, Illinois


TENTATIVE - AS OF 06/11/2024 8PM

I. Call to Order, Roll Call (Wisniewski)

Welcome and Remarks

II. Sonia Wisniewski, President, IMSA Alumni Association

III. Tami Armstrong, Executive Director of Public Affairs, IMSA & Executive Director, IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education

IV. Tamara Newquist, Alumni Relations Coordinator, IMSA

V. Dr. Evan M. Glazer, President, IMSA (if available, or his chosen designee, if available)


During the IMSA Alumni Association Annual Meeting, the association is to elect Officers and At-Large Members for the upcoming service year. The following positions are up for election:

Vice President (2-year term: August 31, 2024-August 31, 2026)

Treasurer (2-year term: August 31, 2024-August 31, 2026)

At-Large Member (up to eleven may be elected; 1-year term: August 31, 2024-August 31, 2025)

VI. Statements by Candidates for Vice President, Treasurer, and Cabinet At-Large Member (Wisniewski)

VII. In-Person Voting (Wisniewski)


VIII. Prior Year's Activities (Driscoll)

IX. Upcoming Plans (Driscoll)

X. Treasurer's Report (Kimmitt via Driscoll)

Other Business

XI. Granting of Honorary Membership

Article Three, Section Three - Honorary Members

The Association may grant honorary membership to any person by a simple majority vote at an annual meeting. Honorary members may not vote at the annual meeting, hold office, or serve on the Alumni Cabinet, but are entitled to all other rights and privileges of membership.

The following have been nominated by the IMSA Alumni Cabinet for granting of Honorary Membership in the Association, each listed with years of service to IMSA:

Vicki Burgholzer, Facilities Support Services Manager - 29+ years

Kimberly Corrao, Exec Director, Business and Finance Operations - 18+ years

Laurie Craig, Administrative Assistant, OIR - 14+ years

Joan Dorion, Bookkeeper - 37+ years

Namrata Pandya, Math/CS Faculty - 18+ years

Karen Gholson, Administrative Support Assistant, CAC - 17+ years


XII. Results of Election of Cabinet Officers and At-Large Members (Wisniewski)

Other Business

XIII. New Business

XIV. Announcements

The date of the next IMSA Alumni Association Annual Meeting has not yet been determined but will take place during Summer 2025. Additionally, the date of Reunion Weekend in 2025 is also undecided. Milestone reunions for the classes of 1990 (35 years), 1995 (30 years), 2000 (25 years), 2005 (20 years), 2010 (15 years), 2015 (10 years), and 2020 (5 years) are expected to take place.

XV. Adjournment