Advisory Board Membership

Pursuant to Article Six, Section Four of the IAA Constitution: “Advisory Board Members will consist of all past presidents of the Alumni Association. All Advisory Board Members must be in good standing with the Alumni Association. Advisory Board Members are voluntary positions so long as that member wishes to continue serving the Alumni Association.

The IAA Advisory Board was created as a result of changes made to the IAA Constitution that were approved on July 27, 2017. Dating back to the original creation of the IMSA Alumni Association in 1995, we are grateful for the contributions, institutional knowledge, and support of the following individuals.

Jeremy Gottlieb, 1993 (President, 1995-1997)

Michael Peil, 1990 (President, 1997-1999)

Chris Sedlack, 1992 (President, 1999-2001)

Liz Chilton Kinsella, 1992 (President, 2001-2003)

Doug Pratt, 1997 (President, 2003-2005)

Ande Croll Ngola, 1997 (President, 2005-2009)

Matthew Knisley, 2001 (President, 2009-2011)

Melvin Bacani, 1990 (President, 2011-2017)

Brian Cudiamat, 1996 (President, 2017-2023)