Cabinet Meeting

November 27, 2017, 8:00pm

Conference Call


In attendance: Cathe Stieg (IMSA Alumni Relations), Brian Cudiamat (President), Matt Isoda (Vice President) Stephen Paige (Treasurer), Carlo Ordoñez (Secretary), Leyonna Barba, Mark Czynski, Christina Fabian, Theresa Geiger, Karin Han, Aditya Karan, Jasmine Kwasa, Zouyan Lu, Allison Rodriguez, Sarah Song

I. Meeting called to order at 8 PM.

II. Secretary’s Report (Ordoñez): Minutes from the retreat were discussed, but not typed up. They will be distributed before the next meeting for approval.

III. President’s Report/remarks (Cudiamat)

a. Expectations of cabinet and communications.

i. If you cannot make a meeting, let Brian or one of the other Cabinet officers know. Do not use the whole IAA Cabinet list for people.

ii. Missing two meetings without notification traditionally means removal from the Cabinet.

iii. Please make sure to read e-mails and respond in a way that makes sense. Use subject lines to be descriptive to the matter at hand.

b. Scheduling for Cabinet meetings/conference calls through June 2018

i. We are setting a base schedule, knowing that we may cancel or reschedule meetings.

ii. Traditionally, they are held on the 4 th Monday at 8 PM Central each month.

iii. Please mark these in your calendar. (Carlo should put this in the shared Google calendar as well.)

IV. Vice President’s Report/Remarks (Isoda): Matt will help with the Election Committee as he is not up for election next year, serving a 2-year term.

V. Treasurer’s Report (Paige)

a. We have had two major expenses so far.

i. Retreat: We were almost $800 under budget.

ii. We have also put on 3 CCC forums and budgeted for drinks and food. We have been right on budget so far.

b. $1,000 has been budgeted for Intersession. We may be able to offer a small financial stipend to help those who need it, maybe $400-500 of that budget. The rest of the money is for an alumni lunch who come back.

c. We might like to look at setting aside money for an institutional program/outreach, such as some money to host a speaker.

d. $750 has been budgeted to alumni marketing. Generally, we use this for a small giveaway to encourage alumni to stay in contact. Try to think about what sort of marketing or alumni to alumni connections we can make.

e. About $5,000 has been budgeted for regional events. Development has set aside some money that they can use to help sponsor said events. Currently, there are 1-2 regional events that are under review. Think about what regional events might be good to offer.

VI. IMSA Trustees meeting, 15 November 2017 (Paige)

a. The English department did their academic program review.

b. New Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Robert Chang ’89 was introduced to the board. He will be working half time from NYC.

c. New Board Chairperson Erin Roach ’89 was elected.

VII. Liaison Report (Stieg)

a. The third CCC forum of the 2017-2018 academic year is this Wednesday 29 November 2017. The topic is Medicine.

b. Currently working on outline.

c. Looking at launching podcasts to start recording late January/early February with a focus on the 3 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will be highlighted in the International Student Science Fair (ISSF). They are: Clean Water and Sanitation, Clean Energy, and Zero Hunger.

VIII. Alumni Weekend/ISSF update and “Class Reps” (Paige)

a. Having Alumni Weekend coincide with ISSF in June would push up Alumni Weekend by a month. This actually is more in line with historical practices.

b. Concerns about these concurrent events:

i. There is some pushback from IMSA to do this. Mostly logistically, how does this work with the numbers that we typically get for Alumni Weekend? Would we want to consider having events on a Friday when some ISSF participants may be off campus?

ii. If we want to have events on a Saturday, we need to start looking at how many people would participate. The main question is can we feed as many people as we need. Cathe says the past two years, we had 193 and 202.

iii. These issues need to be addressed soon (by the end of the year) so people can buy tickets. The Class of ’93 has already started inquiring about the timing. We also might want to start giving people discounts to people so we can get commitments and a better count.

c. Discussion on the above concerns:

i. A Friday event would be okay with advance notice, but Saturday preferable in terms of getting people in.

ii. To deal with logistical matters, maybe lunch could be spread out. We might consider scheduling the alumni meeting to occur at a different time than lunch. We basically have flexibility in how we schedule stuff. If we had a separate alumni meeting, we need to look at where to have the annual meeting.

iii. In general, it seems that the Cabinet is supportive of putting Alumni weekend at the same time as ISSF. The question was asked: What is the main advantage of having this at the same time as ISSF?

iv. Although time is tight, we could possibly put out a quick survey to alumni stakeholders for each class on their thoughts of having this as the same weekend. If class leaders say it’s not a good idea, then it’s not worth pursuing.

v. How would alumni be engaged at ISSF? If the alumni are just there, then it’s not really worth it. Otherwise, we should have some sort of engagement at the event.

vi. Would alumni come back to IMSA for two weekends?

IX. IMSA Alumni Survey

a. Robert Chang will send out a survey to the alumni to gather info. This should be examining alumni’s areas of expertise. He is working with OIR on this.

b. No idea on status right now. When we receive this, please participate and encourage classmates to do so. This is not for fundraising purposes.

X. Giving Tuesday / Buy a Bus Campaign

a. We should be promoting the Buy a Bus campaign. We should post on the Imsa Alumni Facebook group/regional groups/class groups to push for participation, even if they are token donations.

b. Somebody should ask Jody Beckford if we can push class participation by class tracking.

c. Some comments were made about the Buy a Bus website used to solicit donations. Can we give feedback for Jody about it for future fundraising efforts?

XI. IAA Tax Status and related (Paige)

a. Details will be sent out through e-mail. Right now, everything financially is done through IMSA; we don’t have our own accounts.

b. The push from IMSA that we should be is a 501(c)3. It will take a few months and some planning. Officers will discuss this at our next phone call.

XII. Social Media Update/Facebook Policy, Admins

a. We will start an IAA Cabinet Facebook group so we can discuss things between meetings.

b. Some old admins of the IAA Facebook will be removed, and those interested in being admins can let Brian know.

c. In the future, we will need to come up with some sort of etiquette/code of conduct for the alumni group.

XIII. Election Committee alumni interest (Isoda): No report.

XIV. Old Business: none

XV. Announcements and New Business: Next month’s conference call/meeting is canceled. (It falls on Christmas Day!)

XVI. Meeting adjourned (unanimously) at 9 PM