2019 Candidates


Annual Meeting

July 20, 2019, 12:30pm

Academic Pit, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Aurora, Illinois


During the IMSA Alumni Association Annual Meeting, the association is to elect Officers and At-Large Members for the upcoming service year. At our 2019 meeting, the following positions are up for election, along with statements from each candidate:

1. President (2-year term: August 31, 2019-August 31, 2021) [select up to one]


Most of us have one or more people in our lives that, no matter how long it has been since leaving IMSA, happens to seem to know a tiny bit about what's going on on campus, to still be connected to IMSA, and to still want to help out. At least for my group of friends, I'm one of those people. Graduating in 1996, and having been in Champaign County ever since, I've met many fellow alumni either from the olden days of the internet, through many return visits to campus, and by helping out and attending many reunions - my own and many others. I want to continue ensuring IAA is more stable in the future by helping shape a cabinet that can better adapt to annual organizational changes and adapt cohesively with an always evolving IMSA.

2. Vice President (1-year term: August 31, 2019-August 31, 2020) [select up to one]


After 5 years as an At-Large Member, I'm just completing my first 2-year term as Vice President of the IAA. I've enjoyed additional opportunities to get back to campus, and engage with staff, students, and my fellow alumni. I would like to continue to help make connections between alumni and students in the coming year.

3. Secretary (2-year term: August 31, 2019-August 31, 2021) [select up to one]


I have served the past year as the secretary of the IAA and would love the ability to continue representing the alumni in this position. My goals are to continue finding ways to connect alumni with current students and highlighting alumni from all backgrounds. My current project is to build an alumni hall where there can be various alumni showcased, continually changing and being updated. As a current faculty member as well as alum, it helps to be on campus and keep momentum focused on our goals. Please consider voting for me to continue serving our community for the next two years.

4. Treasurer (1-year term: August 31, 2019-August 31, 2020) [select up to one]


I'm Stephen (class of 2000) and have been the IAA Treasurer for two years and would like to continue in that role. IAA has become a stand-alone 501(c)(3) non-profit entity over the past two years and there is still more work to be done to get everything running smoothly. I additionally have been actively involved with putting on the reunion and alumni day events for the past two years and have enjoyed supporting the classes in helping make that happen!

5. At-Large Member (up to eleven may be elected; 1-year term: August 31, 2019-August 31, 2020) [select up to eleven]


I've found myself thinking longer term about how education changes the trajectory of our lives, and I keep coming back to how IMSA was a transformative, amazing, and incredibly lucky opportunity. I want to help IMSA better connect with its alumni - not only to help us help each other out, but to also be a voice to keep IMSA special as the school begins to add paid enrollment.

In particular, I want to make sure that alumni can be connected for professional opportunities - job referrals, mentorship, sponsorship, and even investment (shout out to Blue Titan Ventures).

I've got a fair amount of experience with building professional communities, and in addition to my day job, I'm the organizer of Empower, a conference and community for folks in B2B SaaS software. I'd love the opportunity to dive back in (20 years after graduating, whoa), and help us all out -


My name is Tiffany (Mayo) Chambers and I graduated from IMSA in 1999. Even 20 years after my days at IMSA, my high school experience has had a profound impact on my life and world views. I would like to return to the cabinet to serve for a 4th term as an At-Large Representative. My goal is to engage alumni in the southeast through networking events, fundraisers and communications. I can apply my corporate experience in Marketing, Talent Acquisition and Diversity and Inclusion to IMSAs recruiting process to attract/retain applicants from underrepresented demographics. I am very passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and STEM education to minority students and look forward to partnering with IMSA to support that mission.


In the event of a new President, I always wish to be able to contribute to the organization in any manner by utilizing my connections, time, and (IMSA and IAA) institutional knowledge. I would gladly accept this role if it is asked of me.


I'm Jasmine, class of 2009, hailing from Chicago / 06D. I am running again for an IAA At-Large position so that I can give back, since I credit IMSA with my positive trajectory in science and science education. On the IAA cabinet the past 2 years, I've helped design and implement programs that advocate for students who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM—racially, socioeconomically, or on the basis of LGBTQ+ identity. I plan to continue this work through alumni-student relationship-building and, when appropriate, developing fora for alumni-parent relationships. By targeting the academic and emotional needs of these particular marginalized groups, I think we can find strategies that will translate to better serve all students, regardless of identity.


I've been an at large member for the past two years. I hope I can continue to serve.

Please direct any questions to Tim Messer, Class of 2000, of the 2019 IAA Elections Committee. These should be emailed to election@imsaalum.org.