IAA Cabinet - 11/27/2017


Cabinet Meeting

November 27, 2017, 8:00pm

Conference Call


I. Call to Order

II. Secretary's Report / Approval of Minutes from November 4, 2017 (Ordoñez)

III. President's Report/Remarks (Cudiamat)

a) Cabinet Expectations / Communication Preferences

b) IAA Cabinet Schedule through June 2018

IV. Vice President's Report/Remarks (Isoda)

V. Treasurer's Report (Paige)

VI. IMSA Trustees Meeting, November 15, 2017 (Paige)

VII. Liason Report (Stieg)

VIII. Alumni Weekend/ISSF update and "Class Reps" (Paige)

IX. IMSA Alumni Survey

X. Giving Tuesday / Buy a Bus Campaign

XI. IAA Tax Status and related (Paige)

XII. Social Media Update/Facebook Policy, Admins

XIII. Election Committee alumni interest (Isoda)

XIV. Old Business?

XV. Announcements and New Business

XVI. Adjournment