Cabinet Meeting

March 26, 2018, 8:00pm

Telephone Conference Call


Present: Brian Cudiamat (President), Matt Isoda (Vice President), Stephen Paige (Treasurer), Carlo Ordoñez (Secretary), Leyonna Barba, Mark Czynski (excused), Christina Fabian (8:08), Theresa Hunter, Karin Han, Jasmine Kwasa, Zouyan Lu, Allison Rodriguez, Sarah Song (excused), Cathe Stieg

I. Call to Order, Roll Call (Cudiamat/Isoda)

The meeting was called to order at 8:05pm.


II. Secretary’s Reports/Remarks (Cudiamat)

A. Approval of Minutes from February 26, 2018

Han motions, Paige seconds approval of Minutes from February 26, 2018. Minutes were approved without opposition.

III. President’s Report/Remarks (Cudiamat)

No report.

IV. Vice President’s Report/Remarks (Isoda)

In light of the introduction of Illinois Senate Bill 2939, Facebook was more actively monitored.

V. Treasurer’s Report/Remarks (Paige)

On March 15-16, 25-30 alumni participated in Admissions Committees reviewing applicants for the Class of 2021. They were invited to at a social event to thank them for their service at Two Brothers Roundhouse on March 15th with 16-20 alumni attending. IAA spent $100 on food for this event.

Expenditures for the year are currently below expected, so suggestions are requested on how to utilize our funds.

A. IMSA Trustees Meeting

Illinois Senate Bill 2939 is currently under consideration. This pending legislation would allow the possibility of admitting non-Illinois residents as students and would allow charging them for tuition, fees, room, and board. It would also allow admission of students who have completed the equivalent of 8th grade. Trustees had questions about the legislation and process. The bill, along with IMSA’s plans, should it pass, are still in early stages of plans. IMSA would hope to add capacity of 200 (150 for non-Illinois resident students) and to begin construction as soon as feasible. At its most aggressive timeframe, the 2021-2022 school year could host a Class with non-resident students. As this is still in progress, note that a corresponding bill has not yet been considered by the Illinois House of Representatives.

B. Meetings via Google Hangouts

This is the last cabinet meeting by telephone conference call. The next cabinet meeting will be by Google hangouts. Paige will send out information in the next few days.

VI. Liaison Report (Stieg)

School counselors will offer a new program for Seniors to take place near the end of the school year to assist in post-IMSA-life transition which would include sharing experiences of recent IMSA graduates.

IMSA Faculty Member Jonathan Besancon has asked for alumni assistance in guiding Juniors/Seniors with navigating college as LBGTQI students. Kwasa and Czynski had offered to help.

The IMSA Alumni Awards will be presented on May 25.


VII. IMSA Alumni Facebook Committee (Cudiamat/Hunter)

With respect to IMSA Alumni Facebook Group Creators, no response has been received from Paul Strasma. Neal Groothuis would generally be happy to have IAA be the moderating voice of the IMSA Alumni Facebook Group, as the name has IMSA is in its title. He suggests we consider what kinds of communication IAA wants to foster rather than setting “community guidelines”.

VIII. Reunion Weekend Committee (Paige)

Maggiano’s is confirmed as the Reunion venue. As of today, the Class of 2008 does not have a coordinator. If anyone from 2007/2009 knows anyone in the Class of 2008 who might want to help, please direct them to contact Paige. A deposit will be made shortly.

Stieg reports a “Save the Date” email will be sent out on Wednesday.

IX. Bylaws Committee (Cudiamat)

No report.

Other Business

X. Old Business – None.

XI. New Business – None.

XII. Announcements

Stieg: IMSA will have a new website by the end of June. Additionally, IAA will need a new website by the end of June.

Cudiamat: Another party currently owns the imsaalumni.org domain name, and its registration set to expire in early April. We will attempt to register this domain name when it becomes available.

XIII. Adjournment

Isoda motions, Han seconds Adjournment. Meeting adjourned at 8:38pm without opposition.