Proposed Changes to Constitution


Annual Meeting

July 21, 2018, 12:30pm

Academic Pit, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Aurora, Illinois


2018 Proposed Changes to Constitution:

(deletions are struck through. additions are in bold.)

Article Four – Section Three (Terms of Officers)

Officers shall serve terms of two years, beginning at the end of the annual meeting noon on the 31st day of August following the Annual Meeting at which they were elected. Officers may be re-elected to the same office for not more than two successive terms. No office shall serve more than three successive full or partial terms.

Rationale: Fixes terms' start date at the end of a month, almost coinciding with school year. Annual meeting dates can vary greatly. Allows for "lame duck" session to tidy up affairs and for incoming cabinet to organize.

Article Four – Section Five (Replacement of Officers)

In the event that the Association President cannot fulfill his/her term, the Vice President will assume the responsibilities of the office office of Association President. If offices other than Association President become vacant, the remaining officers will appoint an elected At-Large Member to fill the office. Interim officers will finish the term to which their predecessor was elected.

Rationale: Removes ambiguity of Presidential Succession. Allows any At-Large Member to replace a vacant Officer position. Note that there is a distinction between At-Large Members (Article Six, Section Two) [who may be elected during the annual meeting and vacancies subsequently replaced by At-Large Member appointment] and Appointed Members (Article Six, Section Three) [appointed by officers]. A corresponding change to timing of officer terms (see below) should prevent craziness stemming from too many vacant spots from occurring in the future.