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Cabinet Meeting
September 25, 2017, 8:00pm
Conference Call


In attendance: Cathe Stieg (IMSA Alumni Relations), Stephen Paige (Treasurer), Carlo Ordoñez (Secretary), Leyonna Barba, Brian Cudiamat, Mark Czynski, Christina Fabian, Theresa Geiger, Karin Han, Matt Isoda, Adtya Karan, Jasmine Kwasa, Zouyan Lu, Allison Rodriguez, Sarah Song

1. Meeting called to order at 8 PM

2. Treasurer (Stephen) – We are given a budget of about $10k from Development for reunions, individual events, etc. So far, we’ve only spent for FY 2017-2018 on a request for the CCC forums. Between now and the end of this calendar year, we’ll have three forums: Mental health on 24 October, Data Science on 26 October, and Medicine/Health Sciences on 29 November.

3. Secretary (Carlo) – Please fill out the IAA questionnaire so we may pick a regular meeting time and retreat date

4. Alumni Relations (Cathe)
a. Alumni Relations has moved from Development to the Office of Public Affairs (OPA), so the primary focus for Cathe is engagement, not fundraising.
b. Board of Trustees wants to raise alumni engagement by 10-15% over what it was last year. This is not a huge stretch, and engagement is measured by a mix of in-person visits, social media communication, phone calls, e-mails, etc.
c. OPA reports to the board every meeting. Historically, IAA has had the President attend the BoT meeting, but without a President, we will have to determine how the IAA should represent itself.

5. Board member introductions
a. Stephen Paige (’97) – serving as Treasurer; wants to give back, recently came back to IL and wants to get reengaged with the Academy.
b. Carlo Ordoñez (’02) – serving as Secretary; faculty member at IMSA, wants to focus on engaging young alumni (recent graduates, those still in undergrad).
c. Mark Czynski (’04) – joined after seeing the Facebook post from Melvin and just came back to IL; was an At-Large member for 06-07.
d. Christina Fabian (’06) – previously served on cabinet last year. Main reason for serving is to stay connected and give back to help the future of IMSA students.
e. Karin Han (’15) – recent graduate of IMSA, joined after seeing Melvin’s Facebook post and talking to Mitch (elections coordinator). Served as President of SCIA focusing on alumni donors and legislative relations. Worked on organizing CCC forums in the past. Primary focus of joining is missing that connection to IMSA in college, and wants to focus on getting younger alumni engaged. Has done alumni work at Vanderbilt.
f. Matt Isoda (’02) – has been At-Large for 4 years (and now beginning 5 th year). Has always tried to give back and wants to stay more engaged with what’s happening at IMSA, keep alumni friends in the loop and promote enthusiasm and engagement.
g. Aditya Karan (’12) – feels he is at a “critical juncture” to get alumni engaged. Find this opportunity exciting and wants to be a part of it.
h. Jasmine Kwasa (’09) – joined as an At-Large and interested in working on experiences of students/alumni of color, marginalized sexuality and gender. Working more on learning about these topics and would like to build the alumni community around these identities.
i. Allison Rodriguez (’09) – joined IAA last year, went to St. Louis after graduating. Has recently returned to Chicago last year and interested in reconnecting with IMSA through current students and other alumni.

6. President/Vice President vacancies – We have no volunteers for this position yet. We will need to determine this sometime by October or early November who will step into these positions, hopefully in time for our IAA retreat.

7. IAA retreat
a. The retreat will be held 8 AM – 4 PM on some date to be determined after filling out the IAA survey.
b. One agenda item for that meeting will be to determine how we deal with social media matters. Some questions pertaining to that:
i. Who will be moderators for our Facebook group? Currently we have previous executive members, Cathe, alumni who started the group, and Jeff Margolis as admins. That should probably be pared down and adding current cabinet officers. Do some At-Larges want to step into a moderator role?
ii. What are the expectations we have for conversations on social media?
iii. Should threads be limited on certain topics?
c. How do we ensure we have appropriate alumni representation at events, like Preview Day, Tower Climb, etc.?

8. Vote to approve Mark Czynski ’04 and Christina Fabian ’06 as At-Large members
a. Motion by Brian, seconded by Matt
b. Both approved by vote of 8 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions

9. New business
a. Most recent copy of IAA bylaws? Matt has a copy and will send out to the group.
b. IAA website (IMSAalumni.org) is down. We will need to look in to that. For the time being, Carlo and Cathe will look to get our documents on the IMSA IAA webpage (imsa.edu/alumni)
c. Future call times: proposal for 4th Monday of each month. The actual time will be determined through a poll in the IAA survey

10. Adjournment at 8:44 PM