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IAA Cabinet - 09/25/2017


Cabinet Meeting
September 25, 2017, 8:00pm
Conference Call

I. Call to Order

II. Secretary's Report - Carlo
(usually cover action items from prior month)

III. President's Report -
(usually covers what's happened/upcoming stuff)

IV. Vice-President's Report -
(usually covers direction and/or project stuff)

V. Treasurer's Report - Stephen
     (usually covers budget and other operational bits)

VI. Liaison Report - Cathe
     (usually keeps up up to date with IMSA stuff)

(These items usually cover project recaps, action items, etc. we want to cover)

VII. Board of Trustees Meeting recap - (Cathe/Tami)

VIII. Welcome information -
- introductions - name/year/why you joined the iaa
- officially vote Christina / Mark to the cabinet (they are already
invited to the meeting from the informal vote)
- President / VP roles - Need to determine which direction you guys are going to go and appoint some people.
- Other topics:
-- IAA Facebook group.  Setting up some rules/standards
-- Upcoming iaa events or things to do (Regional events for new students, Sears Tower climb with Spark students, Preview Days, CCC Forums, etc)
- things you should know (google drive/calendar/etc)
- Other things that need to be determined
- meeting dates
- retreat dates

VIV. Discussion and Other Announcements
(usually gives people a chance to bring up any other topics)

X. Adjournment
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