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Cabinet Meeting
June 25, 2018, 8:00pm
Google Meet Session via imsaalum.org G-Suite

* * * UNAPPROVED * * *

In attendance: Leyonna Barba, Brian Cudiamat, Matt Isoda, Stephen Paige, Carlo Ordoñez, Mark Czynski, Christina Fabian Theresa Geiger, Karin Han, Aditya Karan (8:30), Jasmine Kwasa, Zouyan Lu, Allison Rodriguez, Sarah Song (excused), Cathe Stieg

I. Call to Order – 8:05

II. Secretary’s report/Approval of minutes (Ordonez):
Lu moves to approve, Ordonez seconds – all ayes, no nays, no abstentions

III. President’s report/remarks (Cudiamat):
We were able to get several domain names in the past month, we are currently using imsaalum.org. It is set up with GSuite so we can set up e-mails and do meetings through it. Theoretically, we can have more than 10 people on these chats. Right now, two accounts created for Brian (cudiamat@imsaalum.org), second account (yare@imsaalum.org) as a backup. We have to pay for each user per month, so we are sticking to two accounts for now. We also own imsaalum.com and imsaalum.net as backups.
Site is now barebones, but it should be intuitive. It should contains links for reunion and such. When the new IMSA website goes live soon, the IAA page on that site will be linked to IMSA. We can put some previous award winners (Distinguished Leadership, Titan Award, etc.) on there and such.

IV. Vice President’s report (Isoda):
Been in contact with Mitch Bienik about elections, and an election e-mail for call for nominations for at-large members for next year needs to go out soon. We can/will add some blurbs for people running for At-Large positions on the website. The call for people to run for At-Large should be opened within the next few days.

V. Treasurer’s report (Paige):
Everything is formally set up to make IAA a non-profit entity in IL, and we have a bank account. We’ve looked at what we need to do responsibility-wise for officers. For the time being, we will be directing funds through our newly opened bank accounts. We have incurred some expenses such as setting ourselves up as a non-profit as well as some expenditures from before.
At the moment, we’ve sold 179 tickets for reunion. We are hoping to have about 35-36 per class. C/Os ‘93 and ‘98 are the larges ticket buyers for now. We have sold 67 box lunches for Saturday reunion. IAA’s bank account holds about $12k, and we have roughly $575 in PayPal. We are hopefully looking at getting $8k from IMSA fund for the next year. We can potentially look at funding regional events next year(see new business).
Reminder: Reunion weekend is July 21, so we have about 3 more weeks to prepare for that. We have some volunteers working on registration during the weekend, but extra hands are always welcome.

VI. Liaison report (Stieg):
ISSF starts on Wednesday. That has been the biggest responsibility recently. We had 225 people at reunion last year, so our count for reunion tickets seems to put us ahead on the count for this year, as there were a lot that registered at the door last year.
With regards to some people’s comments in the IMSA Alumni Facebook group, Cathe has made updates to how people should be addressed based on that.


VII. Facebook committee (Hunter):
No updates. Right now, people have to e-mail Cathe to change information IMSA has on file for them. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to have the alumni database/list cleaned up and up-to-date. We need to have a conversation about who should reach out to alumni and who makes these changes still needs to be decided. Should it be the Association President (Cudiamat), Alumni Liaison (Stieg), or Executive Director of Development (Armstrong)?
Han: A previous project by SCIA was to get members to look for any updates that alumni made in social media profiles, and then keep that information in an informal spreadsheet to share. It was a good project to keep SCIA members busy, and we might be able to use that again.
Stieg: IMSA currently has a computer program which lets us keep track of the information that SCIA gathered before, but it costs money and will probably not be kept after this year. If we’re going to do that, Cathe will figure out the way to proceed.
Cudiamat: Can we work to treat two alumni who marry each other as two separate people in the alumni database unless otherwise stipulated?

VIII. Reunion committee (Czynski/Paige):
Stephen had already given some updates to reunion above.
Question: Are we contracted to have a minimum?
Paige: We have a minimum spend at Maggiano’s for $6500. We’re already at $9-10k, so there is currently no concern about that. The only issue that we might have is we need 25 people at each event (i.e. from each class) to have an open bar/fast hors-doeurves.
We also need to look at technology requests, but we should be able to make it work.
We should be able to provide whatever we need; if we can’t, Maggiano’s will provide at cost.

IX. Bylaws committee (Cudiamat):
Proposed changes are now submitted to look at for reunion weekend. (See attachments.) The changes are proposed for the following reasons.
a. Article Four, Section Three and Section 4.06: Setting a fixed date after reunion weekend allows old and new cabinet members to transition. Old cabinet members can work out any unresolved issues that might still be left by reunion weekend.
b. Article Four, Section Five: Remove requirement that an At-Large member be elected to fill the office, and make it clear that as an officer ascends to another position, they are actually holding the office and not just its responsibilities.
Paige: Would it be wise to removing the word “elected”.
Cudiamat: The point should become moot with the proposal to change Bylaw Section 5.03. (See below.) In general, if you have suggestions about wording of any of these changes, send them to Brian.
Isoda: How would we deal with these changes?
Cudimat: We should vote by e-mail before reunion weekend. These can also be put up on the website.
c. Bylaws Section 5.03: To keep the number of At-Large members from growing, we will fix a number now. Moreover, staggering elections of officers should ensure we have an elected officer to ascend to an office.

X. Alumni Weekend (Stieg) :
Tentative schedule for IAA Annual meeting is up. Bud Bergie and Bob Hernandez will be there for Q & A. Jose Torres is out of the country, so he will not be in attendance. The rest of the cabinet should be there. Cathe is planning on attending Chicago reunions. Otherwise, ISSF is the major event to focus on right now.

XI. Annual meeting (Cudiamat):
What things do we want to cover officially? The tentative agenda is as follows:
a. Officer Elections: If people want to throw their names into the ring, give speeches on why they should be elected, this will happen first.
b. Constitution/Bylaw changes: Brian will introduce the changes, and then voting will commence on those.
c. Honorary Alumni Status: Those who are eligible for honorary “alumni” status should be added at this point in time. The list can be presented at this time, and alumni present can discuss and vote on it.
Isoda: There are vague guidelines on who would be added. At this point in time, generally having a minimum of 5 years of service to the academy seems to be the requirement.
d. Introduction of New Cabinet/Meeting Adjournment: After that, we should be able to announce new At-Large members after tabulating votes at the meeting.
Brian: Thanks for at-large members and their conbributions.


XII. Old business:
GSuite meeting works, as we have had more than 10 members on this call!

XIII. New business:
Ordonez: Rose might want to share her story about her current experiences at IMSA. Is this something we might want to allow her to do? She should be aware that certain administrators are currently members of IMSA Alumni, including President Jose Torres and COO Bud Bergie.
a. Do we want to allow Rose into the group? There is some support for this.
b. Should we allow her to tell her story? That’s up to her.
Stieg: Can this be tabled this until after ISSF?
General consensus from members is we should do that. This can be included as part of the honorary alumni portion of Reunion weekend, and this keeps this from being a special exemption just for Rose.

XIV. Announcements:
a. Ordonez: If you haven’t heard, Carlo has resigned from working at IMSA after this year.
b. Paige: The IMSA fiscal year ends June 30. There are 5 more days to still donate for this fiscal year.
c. Lu: Do we have a special Cabinet meeting during Reunion weekend?
Cudiamat: No! This is officially our last cabinet meeting, hence the thanks for service at this point in time. People are more than welcome to run again as an At-Large member (and please do!). Once again, thank you for everything. We did it!
d. Kwasa: Cathe and and Jasmine have been working on a website and blogs. Does that work have to stop?
Cudiamat: No! Keep working for free!
Paige: Ad hoc committees can be set up for people to work on association goals, so don’t worry about that. Anybody can work on an IAA committee.

XV. Adjournment at 9:13 PM:
Lu motions to adjourn, Isoda seconds. All ayes, no nay, no abstentions.